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AI Solutions
We provide AI development consulting services for businesses by VISAI’s AI experts who can design AI solutions to meet all business needs.
AI Solutions Services Tailored to Your Business
VISAI’s AI experts offer turn-key solutions from business consulting to the right AI model development and implementation.
Business Challenges and Requirement
Design AI solutions perfectly fit business needs, timeline, and budget.
Collect and Clean Data
Prepare your data for machine learning pipeline, including data preprocessing, model training, and evaluate prediction.
Test and Deploy Your AI Model
Evaluate the accuracy of trained AI models before deployment and set up API keys for you to begin using your AI model.
Tailored AI Solutions for Diverse Business Needs
Our experts can help design and develop AI models for various business applications.
AI on-premise platform image
AI on-premise platform
Tailored-made AI solutions image
Tailored-made AI solutions
Data collection & annotation for AI modeling image
Data collection & annotation for AI modeling
Select an Advance AI model on cloud or train it by your own image
Select an Advance AI model on cloud or train it by your own
AI Model Demo
VISAI has high-quality AI models that accurately process languages and other types of data, including images, text, speech, and tabular data, which can be used to develop efficient applications and software for your needs. Try a demo here.
High-quality AI that Unlocks the Potential of Digital Businesses
We provide Ai consultation and develop workflow systems that enhance data management, automate operations, and boost IT service efficiency for businesses.
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A leading organization that aims to enhance work efficiency and drive value of the company with high-quality AI.
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A company looking for AI technology to improve efficiency and generate additional value form existing data.
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Individuals or companies looking to transform their organization by implementing AI technology for their business.
AI Solutions for Business Use Cases
Examples of using our AI models in various industries to increase operational efficiency, improve customer service, and reduce employees’ time and cost.
Log Interpretation Automation image
Log Interpretation Automation
Increase efficiency of 1,600% by automating petrophysical tasks such as petrophysical parameter, lithology, and fluid (gas and water) interpretation
Chemical Plant Optimization image
Chemical Plant Optimization
Increase profit margin and reduce cost for external vendor support to identify optimal points of operational parameters to yield higher value products
Speech Emotion Recognition (SER) image
Speech Emotion Recognition (SER)
Use an SER model for customer satisfaction recognition to improve the quality of customer service. This solution will help understand customer feedback
Machine Translation (MT) & Named-entity Recognition (NER) image
Machine Translation (MT) & Named-entity Recognition (NER)
Thai-English translation and entity identification with a highly NLP model, which is a fundamental in a chatbot and AI question-answering applications.
Getting started with AI Solutions in Your Business
From planning to implementation, we stand beside you to help your business succeed in leveraging AI technology.
Get Requirements
Listen to your goals, challenges, and constraints and help you understand your AI needs, opportunities, and risks.
Design Solution
Design a solution including the AI model architecture, data collection, and preprocessing, based on the requirements.
Set up an Agreement Contract
Provide an agreement for all parties to acknowledge the terms and conditions of the operation and sign the contract.
Develop AI Model
Develop an AI model using machine learning with preprocessed data, evaluating its performance and adjusting it to meet your needs.
Deploy and Finish the Project
Deploy a platform or AI model and ensure that it is properly integrated with your existing system, then finish the project.
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