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Empowering you with AI
Bridge accessible to critical AI capabilities for anyone
VISAI Enables More Thai Businesses to Access AI
Access AI with or without experts
Due to a shortage of AI experts in Thailand, we’ve developed a solution to make high-quality adaptable AI models more accessible, enabling companies to leverage AI power.
Save time and costs of AI
Implementing AI technology can be costly for small businesses. We make AI accessible by providing ready-to-use and customizable AI models on our cloud platform.
Tailor turn-key solutions
We’re aware that every business has its unique challenges, so we offer tailored AI development and consulting services to help you meet your specific needs and achieve your goals.
Making AI Accessible to all
Large enterprise and government image
Large enterprise and government
We help enterprises enhance their operational efficiency and generate deep insights through the implementation of AI systems.
Tech company image
Tech company
We help you advance and develop your business with cutting-edge and high-quality AI technology.
Individual or small business image
Individual or small business
We help small businesses grow in the digital age and access advanced technology easier.
Transforming Your Business with AI Services
Discover 3 VISAI services that make it easier for you to access high-quality AI models while also developing the operational capability of your organization and employees to keep up with the latest digital technologies.
AI Solutions
AI Solutions
AI Cloud Platform
AI Cloud Platform
AI Training
AI Training
Our Investors
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The Leading Companies Trust VISAI
Learn About Our AI Technology Services
เทคโนโลยี AI
Are you looking to improve your business with AI and machine learning? Join our growing list of leading companies and organizations that use our high-quality AI development services.
Business Use Cases
Oil & Gas & Energy
- Auto-log interpretation
- Energy cost management
Financial & Banking
- OCR (optical character recognition)
- AI call center
- AI translator
- Enterprise search system
- Image classification
- Predictive maintenance
Health Care
- Virtual nursing assistants
- Image analysis (X-Ray / MRI / Graph)
- Resume scanning tool
Retail & E-Commerce
- Smart chatbot
- Customer experience / feedback analysis (text / voice)
- Social listening tool
- Demand forecasting
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