A Message from Our CEO
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarana Nutanong
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
VISAI was founded as an AI enablement company. Our mission is to make advanced yet easy-to-use AI modeling tools available to anyone. By removing the technical barrier to creating AI models, we believe that we can unlock many innovative potentials for society.
In recent years, we have been witnessing increasing eagerness to use AI technologies to solve business problems. However, in a country with a severe talent shortage like Thailand, the capacity to train AI engineers becomes the bottleneck of AI adoption.
The VISAI AI platform is created to address the AI adoption capacity problem based on the core principle that non-AI experts can develop AI systems by providing the right tools. We envision the future in which anyone with good business understanding can develop their AI solutions using our platform. And we are working towards that future by addressing needs in three key areas.
• Data-Centric AI Enablement
• Machine Learning Automation
• Access to High-Performance AI Models
Data-Centric AI Enablement

The development of AI systems has been model-centric for decades. We consider modeling to be the heavy-lifting part requiring deep expertise to get it right. And the data preparation part is a tedious yet trivial job to complete as part of the pipeline. Although ensuring the data quality is understood to be a vital part of the pipeline, AI system developers often consider this part static. Once the data has been collected and prepared, we dedicate most of our attention to creating an accurate model. Data-centric AI challenges this concept by showing that effort spent on improving the data quality can also significantly enhance the performance of your system.

We design our platform with the data-centric AI principle in mind. With data cleaning and error analysis tools available on the VISAI AI Platform, AI developers can inspect the input data and results to improve the system performance.

Machine Learning Automation

The main technical barrier in AI system development is the application of data to a model. The process requires machine learning knowledge to find the best model settings for each application. The VISAI AI Platform tackles this challenge by streamlining this step. Our user interfaces hide the technical details of model parameter adjustments freeing AI developers from the model development part of the process while ensuring the best system performance.

Access to High-Performance AI Models

At the core of our platform, we provide a comprehensive collection of base AI models that can be adapted to one's business application. Based on our experience as a research center developing the basic AI infrastructure of the nation, we have created high-performance models covering basic tasks in natural language processing. In particular, we have made publicly available models such as machine translation, named-entity recognition, automatic speech recognition, speech emotion recognition, and WangchanBERTa, which is the most advanced Thai Language Model up-to-date. In addition, we have also developed proprietary models covering basic tasks in data analytics and computer vision. Users of our platform will be able to apply these models to the ML automation functionality and develop AI solutions using our data-centric AI interfaces.

In Conclusion

We believe that we can overcome the AI talent shortage in our society while at the same time improving the data science & AI competency of the nation by providing the necessary tools. Our research and development team proactively discusses with end-users and partners to ensure that our offerings fit their needs in all three key areas.

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