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Language & Visual Processing

The ability to process unstructured data such as text documents, voice recordings, and photos and obtain meaningful information from them. The module comprises extensive computer vision and natural language processing libraries to support your business applications such as safety inspections, call center assistance, and question answering systems.

Natural Language Processing
• Machine Translation • Chatbot • Speech Emotion Recognition • Automatic Speech Recognition • Sentiment analysis
Image Processing
• Image Classification • Optical Character Recognition
Advanced Analytics & Enterprise Solutions
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The ability to analyze tabular data and obtain valuable insights. The module consists of tools to build your own predictive and optimization models, which can be applied to various uses, such as price forecasting, energy optimization, and anomaly detection.

• Energy Optimization • Yield Optimization
Predictive Analytic
• Image Classification • Optical Character Recognition
Predictive Maintenance
• Machine Failure Forecasting • Vibration Signal Analysis • Corrosion Analysis
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